Monday, November 26, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Day 3

Wore this outfit during the third day of Philippine Fashion Week. I was inspired by the darkness of the Japanese avant-garde invasion of Paris in the 1980s, some star wars elements, and my love for all things dark, eccentric, and flamboyant.

I was so elated when I saw this alien-esque top from a thrift store in Quezon city. It was perfect with my black maxi skirt from Post-MOD. 

Alien Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Post-MOD
Clutch: Comme des Garcons
Shades: Divisoria
Sprikes: SNM (Gifts from Ryan)
Rings: Divisoria

Please hype this look!! xoxo

Gladiators from 5cm, too bad they cannot be seen in this photo!! 
Spike accessories given by my fabulous friend Ryan. I call this the "Can I speak to Anna Wintour please??"  look, haha :)

My equally fierce, sartorial friend Ryan werquing his spiked cap, asymmetrical statement shirt from our label Post-MOD.  skirt from Post-MOD, and customized shoes from the Red pumps. fierce monster shoes indeed! 
That night was so maaaajor because I met one of my greatest style icons in life. KARL LEUTERIO!! he's so humble, nice, and major fierce!!I died a thousand deaths... chos!
Congratulating fabulous Vania Romoff for a fantastic collection. It was beyond Chic!! Parisian-chic!!!

Margiela chic versus Prada Princess. Karl and Marvoi. Marvoi always stands out from the four of us because his sartorial choices are always filled with colours, colours, and more colours! 

fierce Karl and fabulous Em.

'Twas a night filled with fierceness, sartorialisms, and a lot of fashion chica. Until next season!!!

Strike a pose!

WERQQQ!!! :)


  1. love your style dude!! i absolutely miss the fashion week in manila t_t

    1. thanks!! hope you can attend next season!

    2. sana nga! love ur sunglass to (it actually reminds me of vans retro rocker model).

  2. Hello fab alien! :)


  3. love the cdg clutch..i miss dressing up wth friends.. love this post haha see u soon

    1. Thank you so much idol!! we will visit the Metro soon. hope to see you again and lets werq a fierce pose! haha :))

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