Thursday, December 27, 2012

Disney Princesses in Couture!

I'm a Disney kid. I grew up watching Disney Princesses as they faced the challenges in their lives with grace, beauty, and of course; their couture dresses! Personally, Ariel is my favorite princess because I always wanted to become a mermaid  (Yes my loves, she was the reason why I'm gay: watching Little Mermaid over and over and over again and singing "Part of Your World" for a million times were the first signs of my faggotry.)

Enough with the drama, here are fabulous photos of models clad in couture as they try to channel their inner Disney Princess. This spread is photographed by Jason Ell.

Cinderella in Atelier Versace

Aurora in Elie Saab

Ariel in Marchesa

Belle in Valentino

Jasmine in Escada

Mulan in Missoni

Tiana in Ralph and Russo

Pocahontas in Roberto Cavalli

Snow White in Oscar dela Renta

Who's your favorite Princess in couture???

Friday, December 21, 2012

Versace Spring 2013 Campaign

Glamazon Goddesses: Versace unveiled its Spring 2013 campaign featuring supermodel Kate Moss and industry icons Daria Webrowy and Joan Smalls. 

The campaign was shot by magnificent duo Mert and Marcus, featuring Gladiatorial and Hellenic style. Viva Donatella for bringing back the glamour and fierceness of 90s Versace!
Joan Smalls
The stunning Daria Webrowy.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Couture Holidays from Christian Dior!!

Fashion's favourite doll, Nimue Smit stars in Dior's fantastic Christmas catalogue shot by Koto Bolofo. The dutch beauty wears couture pieces from Raf Simon's debut collection.

The iconic New Look!
Check the video here:


Tomorrow, We Will Die

What if the Armageddon really happens??

What if rivers will flow with blood and fire, destroying cities and towns, wiping away civilization??

What is the earth will crumble, swallowing everyone in a split second??

(Play Adele's Skyfall please...hahaha)

Please hype!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

F People Iloilo on F Magazine Cambodia!!!

OMG OMG OMG. I'm shaking while Im tyypiiing this. 


F.People Iloilo, the street style page administered by moi is featured on F Magazine Cambodia's December 2012 issue!! A billion thanks to the great Don Protasio for making our fashion dreams come true. We're already international! I died! chos ;)

We are featured in the magazine's Street Eye section. Borrowing the words of Don Protasio, "The kids are getting bolder and edgier with their sartorial choices in that city." CHEERS TO ILOILO'S FASHIONABLE FUTURE!!!

Spot the supermodel in pink!!
(Photos taken during the first Iloilo Designers Week held last November.) 

It's the first time my name graced a section of an international fashion magazine. More contributions to come in the future! (Im crossing my heels)


Please grab a copy of F Magazine Cambodia! 

Photo credits to Monsieur Don Protasio!! Check his blog here:

Im still out of words, I need a dose of Madonna and a spray of Chanel no.5 right now...


Monday, December 17, 2012

Pink Ranger

Ariel isn't the only reason why Im gay. There's Betty Boop, Sailor Moon, and of course, Pink ranger. The 90s never became a phenomenal era of animated characters if Kimberley (The Pink Ranger) did not lived in my fictional wonderland.

This look was inspired by Pink Ranger, one of the first fictional characters who transported my flamboyant 5 year old self  into a world filled with pink faggotries.


Pink shredded shirt: DIY
Black skirt: Post-MOD
Choker: SNM
Pink spike bracelet: SNM
Silver spike bracelet: SNM
Pink Ring: SNM
Leather boots: Marikina
Shades: Ray-Ban
Leather bag with fringes: Divisoria

Cute Accessories from SNM, a local accessory heaven.

Iloilo Designers Week Day 4

Since we rocked different styles during the first three days of Iloilo Designers Week, me and my friends decided to unite for a cause during day 4. Wear Pink and show the world our unrivaled gayness and fabulousness! haha

Ryan and moi wearing shredded shirts!

The Pink Rangers! Jadel, Em, Tisha, Moi, and Josh.

Iloilo's sartorial population.

Please hype!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lace and Spikes: Iloilo Designers Week Day 2

Wore this outfit during the second day of Iloilo Designer's Week. I was inspired by Mary Kate Olsen's minimalist style mostly composed of black and flowy pieces. I tried to add an element of edginess to it by wearing spike accessories. 

Lace skirt from my mom's closet, to avoid looking matronly, I balanced the look with leather boots and fierce accessories for a Givenchy-esque vibe. 
Rings from SNM and Divisoria

Spikes were the trend of the day...

and leg exposure!!!

Please hype!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Harajuku Dots

Please hype this on Lookbook!!!

I'm in a Japanese phase lately. I think its time to shed all the colours, prints, and flamboyant accessories. With the tropical heat reigning at its peak, comfort yet eccentric dressing a la harajuku is badly required.

During the first day of Iloilo Designers Week, I opted to stay true to my inner Japanese style and pay tribute to some of the greatest Japanese forces that shaped the state of today's fashion.

Asymmetry: Check
Samurai Pants: Check
Japanese hair cut: check
Polka Dots: homage to Kawakubo and Kusama, SUPER CHECK!

What I am wearing:

Asymmetrical shirt with polka polka dots: The Ramp Crossings(Gift from a friend)

Samurai Pants: Post-MOD

Gloves: Post-MOD

Round rings: Divisoria

Sandals: 5cm

Polka dotted bag: Bazaar

Werquing the front row with fab friends

Fabulous Earl, Kit, Moi, and Ryan.
(I look short! the beckies were elevated! haha)

With Project Runway Philippines Season 3's Global diva, and fashion aristocrat Joseph Aloysius Montelibano

Check out more street style photos of Iloilo Designers Week Day 1 here:

Love, kisses, and more faggotry!!