Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elizabethan Couture: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013

It was one of the most surreal moments in fashion history. The late Lee McQueen is known for his gripping extravaganzas. Sarah Burton showed one of the most beautiful shows in Fall 2013 with a homage to one of the most important women in British fashion and history. Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen. The pregnant creative director just showed a ten-piece collection. Despite the minimal amount of pieces, the craftsmanship was beyond couture. 

The show opened with a silk dress embroidered with hundreds of pearls. The other pieces were embellished with more pearls, cobweb laces, ostrich and duck feathers, and jeweled fishnet tights. An element of sexiness was added with jeweled sky high heels, leather gloves and an intricate headpiece made from criss-crossed crystals and pearls.

It was a celebration of art, femininity, and power.