Sunday, March 3, 2013

THE INFINITY OF TAILORING: Comme des Garcons Fall 2013

No one can beat Rei Kawakubo when it comes to fashion's cerebral process. The Literature and History graduate does not have any training in fashion, but she is one of the primary forces that dictates the tides of the fashion world. Her genius is unpredictable, unrivaled, and unparalleled. One season she will set a trend of over-sized jackets and the next, she will completely ignore it by showing deconstructed white pieces. 

For fall 2013, the queen of Japanese avant-garde prevented a collection filled with intricate rosettes, bows, power shoulders, tailored jackets, and graphic prints.

Kneel and pray Kawakubo loyalists, prepare to witness the holy apparition of fashion!!!!! 


As's Jo-Ann Furniss said:

"In a season of introspection, where designers are looking inwardly and personally to find their way, Rei Kawakubo once again proves she is at the frontiers of this inner exploration. The designer is a believer in pure creation through the language of fashion. In the current battle between creativity and the marketeer's idea of "the brand," she is leading the charge. There are only a few designers who can make a whole world of difference, a universe even, through their very existence in this industry—she is one of them."

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