Wednesday, December 19, 2012

F People Iloilo on F Magazine Cambodia!!!

OMG OMG OMG. I'm shaking while Im tyypiiing this. 


F.People Iloilo, the street style page administered by moi is featured on F Magazine Cambodia's December 2012 issue!! A billion thanks to the great Don Protasio for making our fashion dreams come true. We're already international! I died! chos ;)

We are featured in the magazine's Street Eye section. Borrowing the words of Don Protasio, "The kids are getting bolder and edgier with their sartorial choices in that city." CHEERS TO ILOILO'S FASHIONABLE FUTURE!!!

Spot the supermodel in pink!!
(Photos taken during the first Iloilo Designers Week held last November.) 

It's the first time my name graced a section of an international fashion magazine. More contributions to come in the future! (Im crossing my heels)


Please grab a copy of F Magazine Cambodia! 

Photo credits to Monsieur Don Protasio!! Check his blog here:

Im still out of words, I need a dose of Madonna and a spray of Chanel no.5 right now...


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  1. Will blog about this tomorrow! :)