Monday, December 17, 2012

Pink Ranger

Ariel isn't the only reason why Im gay. There's Betty Boop, Sailor Moon, and of course, Pink ranger. The 90s never became a phenomenal era of animated characters if Kimberley (The Pink Ranger) did not lived in my fictional wonderland.

This look was inspired by Pink Ranger, one of the first fictional characters who transported my flamboyant 5 year old self  into a world filled with pink faggotries.


Pink shredded shirt: DIY
Black skirt: Post-MOD
Choker: SNM
Pink spike bracelet: SNM
Silver spike bracelet: SNM
Pink Ring: SNM
Leather boots: Marikina
Shades: Ray-Ban
Leather bag with fringes: Divisoria

Cute Accessories from SNM, a local accessory heaven.

Iloilo Designers Week Day 4

Since we rocked different styles during the first three days of Iloilo Designers Week, me and my friends decided to unite for a cause during day 4. Wear Pink and show the world our unrivaled gayness and fabulousness! haha

Ryan and moi wearing shredded shirts!

The Pink Rangers! Jadel, Em, Tisha, Moi, and Josh.

Iloilo's sartorial population.

Please hype!


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