Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: The Year in Style

2012 was a kaleidoscope of different fashion styles. It became a transition phase of my life from student to Fashion intern, to fashion blogger, to fashion entrepreneur. I was very experimental last year, embracing different sartorial choices from loud prints, Japanese looks, minimal pieces, and deconstructed clothing.
2012 gave me the chance to try something new, to continuously evolve my style but still stick to my inner fashion: eccentric and edgy. 

This 2013, I promise myself to shed the colours and stick to black and white hues. It may be a sartorial shift, but I believe that it is a sign of maturity in dressing up: prioritizing style and comfort over the "hey! look at me" attitude.

I cant wait to wear my black and white pieces this year, I love to exude that Japanese, post-Hiroshima bombing feel. Haunting, destroyed, yet extremely beautiful.

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