Sunday, January 6, 2013


Thanks Riccardo Tisci of Maison Givenchy for turning animals such as sharks and rottweilers into fierce fashion icons. 

In one of my fashion field trips (shopping) last holiday season, I was so lucky to see this amazing shirt with a shark print which reminds me of Riccardo Tisci's popular shirt design for Givenchy.

Imagine my fashionbliss when I saw this amazing shirt hanging in front of me the moment I entered the shop. I must have done something really really good to deserve this!! chos

 To create a fierce and sharky look, I matched the shirt with my spike accessories and my spiked headbands (which I turned into an eyepiece to emulate a Margiela-vibe) Wearing the top with a soft flowing skirt also creates a total dark Harajuku look, which is my primary sartorial choice for 2013. 


Shark Shirt: Vintage

Black Skirt: Post-MOD

Leather boots: Marikina

Spiked cuffs: SNM accessory shop

Spiked eye piece: Divisoria