Monday, January 21, 2013

Dior Spring 2013 Couture

It was a defining moment in Fashion history. Raf Simons' latest collection for the House of Christian Dior (his second couture show) was enveloped with a magical air of grandeur and extreme sophistication.

The collection was a homage to one of the house's prime muses: flowers. Simons weaved his own ode to the flowers just like his predecessors (Dior, Saint Laurent, Galliano) did before, by showing a collection celebrating the dior woman. A woman with refined manners, unparalleled elegance, and lavish taste. A woman as beautiful as blooming flowers.

There's a polished cleanliness in Raf's clothes that intensifies the beauty and magic of the collection.

Im sure this dress will be a red-carpet favorite

A new generation of Dior-Chic

Divine details!

I kinda miss John Galliano's majestic embroidery. Well, here's Raf Simons' take on floral appliques! 


They're like dryads and flower fairies coming out from that magical forest!!

Can you hear the entire fashion world clappin Mr. Simons?? can you?? 


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