Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Bliss?? Ecstasy?? Elation?? No words can express my feelings right now. Gemma Ward is back, ready to conquer the fashion world again.

The good news was announced by Patty Huntington at stating that:

As you all know,Gemma Ward is one of my ultimate fashion heroes. Growing up, I witnessed how she bloomed from a doll-faced new comer into one of the greatest supermodels in history. (Youngest model to be on the cover of Vogue, debut cover in two Vogue franchises, finale spot in almost all major fashion houses, million dollar campaigns, and international superstardom.)

When news broke that Gemma Ward retired from modelling because of her sudden weight gain, a piece of my world crumbled. Gemma, my goddess, my icon, was gone in the international modelling spotlight.

Now, as I type this entry, my heart is continuously pounding with excitement. My prayers are finally heard, the fashion gods are definitely merciful and loving. I may sound melodramatic, but you cannot blame me, Gemma Ward is my Harry Potter. Gemma Ward is my sole superstar. 


All your fans waited half a generation to witness your grand comeback!!

Im crossing my fingers to see her gracing the catwalks of Fall 2013. Prada exclusive perhaps?? ;)

Now ladies, allow me to bitchslap Karl Lagerfeld for what he did to Gemma...


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